Merchant Guide

Getting Started

So you’ve decided to try mobile ordering at your store. Great! We’re really proud of our product. And we want to see it in your store. So simplicity is our goal. We’ve put a lot of thought and time into making this a great product for both the user and store owner, with many benefits to both. Let us know your thoughts and give us your feedback so we can improve the next version.

Your first step is to head on over to our pricing section and sign up for a free trial. You’ll then login to our website where you can enter your store information and setup your menu.

Receiving Orders

There’s 3 ways to receive your orders. By email, SMS or through our Orders App. The Orders App has been specially design for our merchants and is the best and most popular method to receiving orders, and gives you, the store owner, the most functionality.

Orders AppFMT_OrdersApp_iPhone6

After registering with us, we’ll email you a link to download our Orders App. It’s available for your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android Smartphone and Android Tablet.

Log in to the app with your username and password. Once logged in you’re ready to start receiving orders.

When a new order arrives, you’ll hear a sound and see a new notification on screen.

The order will contain:

  • Customer pickup name
  • Pickup time
  • Order number
  • Order information
  • Payment method
  • Customer phone number

You can choose to accept or decline the order. If you choose to decline an order a reason must be given.


You can also chose to receive your orders via email. We’ll send orders directly to the email address you provide.



Get orders sent directly to your mobile phone with our TXT messaging service.



When your customer places an order they may choose to pay with their credit or pay on pickup. The order you receive from Feed My Tum will tell you if the order has been paid for or if you need to collect payment. Credit Card payments are collected by Feed My Tum and transferred into your bank account on a weekly basis. If your store is using the White Label solution you may choose to use your own payment gateway.

Store Setup

Setting up your store is as easy as filling in a few fields such as store name, address, phone number, open hours etc. Upload your store logo and a couple of store photos. This information is then passed through and displayed on the Feed My Tum app. You can update your store information at anytime.

Menu Setup

Email us your store menu and pricing and we will load it for you (charge applies) or login to your store and do it yourself. We’ve made it as simple as possible but flick us an email if you have any questions. We’ve also prepared some video tutorials here:

White Label


White Label